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Did John McAfee kill Greg Faull?

  • In my opinion it certainly appears he did.

Who is Samantha Vanegas?

  • She is a girl that was pimped off to John McAfee by Ernesto (Owner of Lover’s bar) in late 2009.

Who is Amy Emshwiller?

  • Amy is one of John McAfee’s pubescent girlfriends.
  • She was pimped off to John McAfee when she was 15 in late 2009.

How Old is Sam?

  • She just had her 19th birthday.

How old is Amy?

  • She recently turned 18 and was 17 when photographed by Wired magazine in early 2012.

Are Amy and Sam Safe?

  • John McAfee returned to the USA and posted that Hezbollah and the Zeta Cartel were working together to move Ricin from Nicaragua and then stated that the girls were prostitutes and spies when he added their photos to his official blog.
  • No one knows where the girls are and it appears by the order of his blog posts that he is trying to have them murdered.

Who is Stuffmonger?

  • The name John McAfee posted under on the Bluelight threads while learning how to refine a freebase version of Bath Salts (MDPV)

What is “Tan” that John McAfee mentioned on the bluelight thread?

  • A highly refined version of MDPV that will send you on a trip for about 24 hours. John reported that he got a few drops of the oil on his fingers and was paranoid, hallucinating and could not sleep for 4 days.

Why did John go on the run and not stay in Belize and proclaim his innocence?

  • That is a mystery to the world. Usually only the guilty run and hide.

Does John use Bath Salts MDPV?

  • His words, his constructs and train of thought might very well indicate a drug addled mind.
  • While on the run from authorities in Belize John was calling Wired reporter Josh Davis and was reporting that he was seeing “Frog Men”.
  • His child girlfriend Amy reported seeing John cooking substances and posting on,
  • His neighbors reported that John had left drugs on their property
  • He made 220 posts on a drug forum asking how to purify MDPV.

Does John drink Alcohol or do any mind altering substances?

  • John McAfee reportedly does not drink though in his past had a bottle of scotch per day habit and a severe Cocaine habit.
  • He was also a Cocaine dealer. Mind altering substances? John?

Maybe John could do something about the anti-virus Software?

  • John has had nothing to do with the McAfee Anti-virus company for 19 years and according to Yougov Brand Index has severely hurt the brand. He could help McAfee brands by changing his name to something like John Manson.

Are his dogs in Belize ok? and who is caring for them?

  • He claims the Government of Belize poisoned his dogs.
  • John then shot and decapitated them and buried them on his property.

What relationship did John have with Gregory Faull?

  • John claims he barely knew the man. When John began his cooking experiments with Dr. Allison Adonizio he rented Greg Faull’s basement for their laboratory.

Is John concerned about his legacy?

  • Quoting John, “I have no concern for my legacy” “We are not all concerned with our legacy. I, for one, am not. Legacy is written more by those in power than by the actions of individuals”

Gregory Faull’s Father claimed John threatened to shoot Greg if he ever stepped foot on his property. Did John threaten to Shoot Greg Faull?

  • According to Greg Faull’s father John indeed threatened to shoot Greg.

What was John doing on the day that Mr. Faull was murdered, and who was with him at the time?

  • John says he was with Samantha, Amy and 6 other people in his house.
  • Samantha said John, Amy and her were all together watching television.
  • Amy said she was NOT in the house and was in fact with her boyfriend at his house.
  • None of the alibis are consistent.

If John thought “they were out to get him for so long why didn’t he just move on?

  • Apparently no one was “Out to get him” until “they” thought he was cooking dope, Greg Faull was murdered and he started seeing “Frog Men”.

Is John filtering out questions in his blog whoismcafee?

  • Quoting John, “Comments like “please kill yourself” and how long have you been shagging that whore?” are sent immediately to the trash”.
  • According to Dateline those are the majority of comments.
  • Most comments on his “Official Blog” seem to praise John as you can witness for yourself by visiting his site.
  • At this point in time it looks like he is posting his own comments under many names. However, could also be the police keeping him talking.

If John succeeds in turning his story and blog into a book, movie and TV rights will he donate money to the family of John Faull?

  • According to John, Hell no – screw them.

Does John McAfee have a twitter page and Facebook page?

Is it true Police authorities have said Mcafee is a “person of interest” while the GSU boss Marco Vidal called him the “Prime suspect” in the homicide of a 52 year old Gregory Faull

  • Absolutely without a doubt that’s why he absconded justice although he claims he had no idea Greg Faull was dead. Curious huh?

Is this blog created because of the Death of Gregory Faull?

  • Yes!! The Family of Greg Faull deserve the respect of caring individuals who are interested in the truth and not “Frog Men Psycho-Babble”

Is the Official Blog created because of the Death of Gregory Faull?

  • Quoting John, ““I am not trying to clear my name and have no interest whatsoever in putting any effort into doing so. That’s in no way what my blog is about. As I have explained before, whatever people think about the truth, those thoughts have absolutely no impact on the truth. If rain falls and you think it doesn’t, the rain is not going to care much.”

Maybe Belize needs a revolution and John can be the leader of it?

  • Greg Faull moved to Orange Walk, Belize because the crime rate was nonexistent. The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) raided John’s property in part because they suspected John was trying to create his own personal army. The crime rate in Orange Walk has returned to Pre-McAfee levels since John’s departure so it would appear a revolution is now unnecessary.

Did John get recordings from when the dogs were poisoned or the night of Greg Faull’s Murder?

  • According to John his recording devices from the front and rear of his property were stolen many weeks before. Pretty amazing considering he had heavily armed guards on his property 24 hours a day and lots of dogs.
  • Perhaps the “Frog Men” are the culprits, I hear they can become invisible and have mind control abilities.

Would you please provide a brief outline of John’s present life?

  • No one in Portland will allow him to rent or lease their properties and he appears to be eyeballing Chad Essley’s couch.

Did John move to Belize to run from tax trouble or lawsuits in the United States?

  • John did offshore his cash and sold his various properties at “Fire Sale” prices and did have pending lawsuits that could not be enforced if he moved to Belize.

Has John considered running for political office?

  • That would be funny.

Is being a Billionaire all that its cracked up to be?

  • John says, “Money is a Curse”. Though I like to look upon Thomas Tusser for this bit of wisdom, “A foole & his money, be soone at debate: which after with sorow, repents him to late.” Yes, a fool and his money are soon parted and John was reportedly worth less than 4 million when he ran off to Belize. With his current housing crisis it appears he is nearly broke.

What is John going to do with his property in Belize?

  • It has been listed in the MLS by Remax since 2011.

Will John volunteer to pay any lawsuits etc he has pending in the USA?

  • John says, “I and my agencies (trust, companies, etc.) have been sued over a hundred times. I have never settled a lawsuit. I have never once had a judgment issued against me. I have never paid out a single dollar. I would rather pay ten million dollars to fight a suit than to pay one dollar and settle it. Lawsuits are the true corruption in the world.”
  • However you should probably refer to the “fool and his money” answer above.

Who did John pay off to get out of Guatemala? He had no credit cards, no money access and was penniless. How did he do it?

  • John says he paid his Lawyer. This topic needs to be investigated much further.

Who is Harold M. ?

  • Not Important.

Who is Chad Essley?

Besides through the blog, how else can one contact John McAfee?


Why does John call everyone Sir?

  • I suspect it’s Tourette syndrome.

Did John tweet the Prime Minister of Belize and tell him off?

  • John says he did. BUT who cares?

Who does John think killed Greg Faull?

  • Quoting John, “There are 350,000 people in Belize. Any one of them could of done it.”
  • However, I think it was John McAfee but it could have been the “Frog Men” when they teleported onto John’s property and stole his surveillance equipment while all of John’s dog’s and armed guards were under mind control.

What happened with the boycott of Belize?

  • If John thinks he as any ability to affect the country of Belize then he certainly is delusional.

Is John still avoiding the legal issues in Belize and does he have legal representation for the “wanted for questioning”? Is he concerned the long arm of the law will reach him in the US and make him return to be questioned or worse?

  • Quoting John, “I don’t have legal representation. This has never been a legal issue. It is purely political. There are no charges so I have nothing to avoid here. I did not run from charges. I ran toward safety.”
  • However you can bet that Homeland Security has a tap on his Cell phone, computers, Chad Essley’s computers and phones, has a van and agents parked and watching their every move within a block of their locations. It’s just a waiting game.

With all the money he has he is unable to defend himself legally in Belize?

  • We already covered this in the “fool and his money” comment above.

Does John have children?

  • John claims to have a daughter but she has not spoken a word in his defense.

Does John have a comment on the Josh Davis/Wired/Warner deal?

  • Quoting John, “I think the Warner movie will be entertaining movie. Not at all factual, but entertaining. Only myself, the girls, Chad, the screenwriter and the production company have all the facts. I’ve been meeting with the screenwriter nearly every day for many hours.”
  • However, Warner Brothers has nothing to do with John McAfee or Impact Future Media and John is not getting a nickle from the Wired Story that Warner Brothers bought though John is trying to spin it that way.

How many girls were involved in John’s operation to gather information?

  • There was no operation. It all seems to be the fantasies of an aging drug addled mind.

Are the girls involved in his operation to collect information in any danger?

  • There was no spy operation but John did post children’s photos on his website and claimed they are spies and prostitutes after claiming Hezbollah is manufacturing Ricin in Nicaragua and is using the Zeta Cartel to smuggle it in to the USA so Belize can overthrow the US Government with a Ricin Attack (or some ridiculous crap).
  • It appears to me he is trying to get the girls murdered by pissing off Zeta’s and Hezbollah.

…..Who is McAfee?

  • Probably not someone you want as a neighbor.