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Who is behind the lies on Blog for John McAfee?


This news release from Urecommend Media is actually Impact Future Media and this is posted on their website:

MONTREAL, December 7, 2012 — Montreal-based URecommend Media, Inc. (, a full-service marketing agency specializing in strategic communication, today announced its selection as the agency of record for John McAfee. John McAfee was one of the first people to design anti-virus software and to develop a virus scanner, and is the computer programmer that founded McAfee. Information regarding John McAfee’s current situation can be found on his personal blog at

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with Mr. John McAfee as his agency of record, and we look forward to leveraging our experience to help build awareness regarding the facts that pertain to his current situation,” stated URecommend Media CEO Francois Garcia. “John deserves a fair trial in the court of public opinion, and we will fight tirelessly to make certain that happens.”

URecommend is tasked with managing John McAfee’s digital media strategies and tactics, and public relations initiatives.

“My most heartfelt thanks go to Francois Garcia, Founder of URecommend Media, and Brian Fitzgerald, Director of Public Relations for the company,” stated John McAfee. “They have put in thousands of hours of their employees’ time in designing and building my blog, creating the graphics, doing the maintenance and taking full charge of the public relations for my cause. I am now, and will always be grateful to their organization.”

Please refer to the statement I have highlighted in Bold text above. They are John McAfee’s PR team. They are 100% responsible for allowing John McAfee to endanger lives, lie to the public and sidetrack the world.  Below is a screen capture on John McAfee’s blog.


The above is at the footer of John McAfee’s official blog. Urecommend Media claims to have designed the WordPress template.  McAfee has made claims that Hezbollah is cooking tons of Ricin in Nicaragua and is cooperating with the Zeta Drug Cartel to move Ricin in to the USA for a massive attack. John McAffee is on the record stating the CIA and Homeland Security know of the plot and are allowing it to happen. Later he posted teen girls photographs and said they were prostitutes and were part of his Belize Social Engineering Spy Ring.

Urecommend Media (a shell of Impact Future Media) has already allowed McAffee to lie to us in the blog they manage for him. Why would we expect anything released by them to be honest? I cannot support the financial gain of a possible murderer who doesn’t have the balls to face the police in Belize.

Shame on them all for trying to profit from the horrible and senseless murder of Greg Faull.


Who else is responsible? Let us not forget John McAfee’s “Webmaster” Chad Essley read about him at this link:


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